Swipe left on relationship rows

Can using your smartphone and artificial intelligence help improve your relationships?

Huawei, the global technology leader, has been delving deep into the real state of relationships in the UK to discover how its technology can help reduce the most common relationship woes.

It found that one third (33%) of Belfast couples believe that advances in mobile technology and artificial intelligence will help reduce domestic arguments from the average number of seven rows a week, mostly caused by finances, a partner’s bad habits and not remembering commitments.

Specifically – in a bid to avoid future bust ups with partners, over half (57%) of Belfast couples are turning to mobile technology, with 23% ensuring their phone is charged before going out so they are always contactable. What’s more, 13% save important dates on their device so they don’t forget to pick up a present for that all-important anniversary, whilst 13% use finance and budgeting apps to better manage their money.

Looking forward to a more feud free future, 17% of Belfast couples believe that rows related to forgetting important events such as birthdays and anniversaries (including Valentine’s Day itself), will be reduced by intelligent mobile notifications and reminders. In addition, 7% think using smart photography features to take partner-approved couple selfies will help reduce those moments when an unapproved picture on social media causes umbrage.

Andrew Garrihy, Huawei Western Europe Chief Marketing Officer, who commissioned the research, commented: “AI has the potential to make our lives better, taking efficiency to new heights, so we can achieve more, even if we have less time. That’s why at Huawei, we strive to ensure that our technology empowers people in everything they do; whether on their own or in a relationship. The AI capabilities in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro makes it faster, the battery last longer and helps you to take picture-perfect selfies.”

Following the results of the research, Huawei has developed the following tips to show how UK couples can take advantage of the smartphone tech in a Huawei Mate 10 Pro to guarantee a smoother path to future happiness:

1 Your partner might be the best ‘boyfriend of Instagram’ there is, perching high and low to capture the money shot for your social media profile, but it’s time to let intelligent photography do the hard work for them – offering point and shoot perfection it captures the ultimate shot every single time
2 Try out different camera modes when looking to get the ultimate couple shot, for instance nail the framing by using adaptive selfie mode, which widens to ensure you’re both perfectly in the shot
3 Camera modes can help in more ways than one, use scene and object recognition so you can spend less time perfecting those pictures of your starter on your dinner date and more time focussed on the one you love!
4 Automatically sync anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day in your phone so you’re notified of upcoming events and neither of you forget another important date again
5 Avoid missing important calls and messages from a partner when your device is out of charge, thanks to smart battery management that intelligently allocates resources so power-waste is minimised and you won’t suddenly find yourself with an out-of-charge battery

Research released from Huawei shows that the average Belfast couple rows seven times a week.

It found the top ten reasons for arguments were:

1 Finances
2 Bad habits and pet peeves
3 Not remembering commitments made
4 Housework and chores
5 Family and parenting
6 Being uncontactable due to phone battery dying
7 In-laws
8 Forgetting important events such as birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day
9 Turning up late to scheduled meetings and events
10 Supporting different sports teams

Top ten UK cities where people are already using their smartphone to avoid an anticipated row:

1 Sheffield (64%)
2 Newcastle (62%)
3 Liverpool (59%)
4 London (58%)
5 Birmingham (57%)
6 Glasgow (57%)
7 Belfast (57%)
8 Bristol (56%)
9 Nottingham (56%)
10 Manchester (55%)