Next month (February) IKEA launches its collaboration with Tom Dixon; DELAKTIG.
Described as a ‘platform for living’, Tom and IKEA are challenging design conventions with this aluminium, ‘open source’ seating solution that has been inspired by the furniture hacking community.
Essentially, the collection is inspired by our way of living, and is completely flexible with how it is used. With DELAKTIG, we’re being encouraged to do our thing. The design team has even designed accessories that can be added on, creating a truly versatile product that will enable room for living.
Accessories include lamps, tables and backrest covers, and the seating can be switched by changing the backrests, adding more cushions and swapping the armrests around.
Tom Dixon OBE, is a British designer, specialising in lighting, furniture and accessories. He is self-taught after leaving art school after six months, and trying his hand at metalwork and welding during the day, before playing in a band at night. After he started selling his wares, the rest is history!

The full collection can be viewed at and