Lusting after lilac

Every season a new colour has its defining moment and for many SS18’s hue du jour will be lilac. 

From lavender to imposter purples posing as lilac, this soft pastel will add a subtle colour dash to an otherwise earthy-tone winter wardrobe.

And with Victoria Beckham and New York label Tibi (who might just be our new favourite runway giant for its relaxed 80s vibe) doing their thing for lovely lilac who needs any further endorsement to buy into the new pink?

Victoria Beckham SS18

Tibi SS18

£30, Next

£50, Principles

£80, River Island

£8, Oasis

£35.99, Mango

£3, Primark

£735, Marc Jacobs

£14.99, H&M

£6.99, H&M

£85, Topshop