The Corrs are back

Jupiter Calling is the new melodic offering from the most beautiful musicians to hail from Ireland.

Out on November 10th, Jupiter Calling is The Corr’s new album produced by T-Bone Burnett and released on East West Records – a massive 20 years on from their biggest album, and second, Talk On Corners.

This is also the second album since the band’s 2015 comeback when they released White Light.

It’s been dubbed as ‘earthy and outspoken’ and guaranteed to earn The Corrs ‘renewed respect’ according to those behind the PR of the new release.

Among the tracks is ‘SOS’- Song of Syria- ‘the most politically outspoken and evocative’ song The Corrs have ever recorded.

“The most freeing experience we’ve ever had in the studio” is how drummer, Caroline describes the making of the album.



Jupiter Calling full tracklisting:

1.    Son of Solomon
2.    Chasing Shadows
3.    Bulletproof Love
4.    Road To Eden
5.    Butter Flutter
6.    SOS
7.    Dear Life
8.    No Go Baby
9.    Hit My Ground Running
10. Live Before I Die
11. Season Of Our Love
12. A Love Divine
13. The Sun And The Moon