Tennent’s Vital 2016 – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

It was ‘taps off’ weather in Belfast when the Chili Peppers took to the Tennent’s Vital 2016 stage to entertain a crowd of fans that spanned all the generations.

From eight year olds on shoulders to the typical RHCP enthusiast in their 40s/50s and all those young dudes in between who, well, had their taps off.

‘Can’t Stop’ followed a bit of a jam as the opener for the band.  The music was ace, the vocals spot on and the delivery as expected – passionate and with the same vigour that the, now, 50 year olds would have embodied all those years back.


‘Nice to meet you’ said Anthony Kedis before breaking into a string of hits that make the band one of the most successful in the world.

It was the classics that demanded elevated responses from the crowd; Give it Away, By the Way, Dani California and the rest while the new material had the real devotees on their feet.

Atmos Crowd JC16

An unexpected cameo role from one of the band’s daughters, who presented some impressive cartweels across the stage, would suggest that the rockers have may have softened in time; less Lothario, more family man but the performance is still the same.

It was that encore that really shook the sold-out gig; the skies opened and down poured the rain – the chubby kind, for a ten minute shower that did nothing to dampen the spirits that had risen during RHCP’s uplifting set.

The first day of the annual gig – a day packed with melodic talent; Fall Out Boy, Labrinth, Cage the Elephant and Otherkin – was a belter. Here’s hoping Avicii can keep the momentum going!

Emma Deighan