Good Hair Day, Everyday

Lidl is fast becoming our favourite one-stop-shop.
In addition to its fabulous clothing and make-up lines the chain has just introduced its very first Cien Professional hair care range to stores nationwide. Cien Professional Shampoo (£1.49), Conditioner (£1.49), Intensive Repair Mask (£1.79) and Heat Protection Spray (£1.79) are keratin infused, specifically formulated to relieve dry and damaged hair leaving it feeling smooth, sleek and perfectly manageable.
90% of our hair consists of keratin, a fibrous protein that gives strength and elasticity to the inner and outer hair structure. Over exposure to sunlight, pollution and heat styling tools such as curling and flat irons can cause damage to keratin levels leading to dull, dry and damaged hair. Perfect for post-summer, stressed hair, Lidl’s new range helps hair regain its healthy, natural structure,


Intensive Repair Shampoo







Intensive Repair Conditioner

Intensive Repair Mask







Heat Protection Spray