Female powerhouses, the MAC and the Fairytale

It’s a bit removed from the usual avant-garde shows you’ll catch at the MAC in Belfast but Rumpelstiltskin, which will run from now until January 3rd, is allowing our most innovative museum to get in touch with its traditional side. Almost.

While the fairytale show follows the age old Brothers Grimm storyline of a Miller’s daughter who is used as a bargaining tool to appease a King while a very strange Rumpelstiltskin makes the impossible possible (at a price of course), the twist injected into the storyline is more acquainted with modern practice with the lead, Emily, reminiscent of a Frozen heroine says the award-winning director.

Played by Derry lady, Doireann McKenna, Emily, the princess, brings this classic into the modern world by throwing in some feistiness, independence and female empowerment – a great lesson for the little ladies in the audience.

An intimate show with excellent stage-to-crowd interaction and a lot of laughs (the King is a hoot), Rumpelstiltskin got the kids going. And us.

Some of the characters will work their way into the crowd, much to the amusement of the younger audience members while the determination of young Emily gives the little ladies an icon to remember!

London Director Lotte Wakeham has not only brought her rework of Rumpel to the MAC (which was a roaring success when it first showed in at the egg, Theatre Royal in Bath) but she’s cast a new NI crew who are adding a touch of local to the show – with jibes and lines that will only resonate with an NI crowd.

The MAC has also upped the ante a little bit more by transforming into a fairytale forest. Grab a ticket for all the family while you can. This is one experience to get you in the mood for Christmas.

We loved it and credit should be given to all involved especially Doireann who had a freakin’ awful amount of names to recite in some of the songs here! Great show with a nice feel good factor to get you in the festive mood.

Rumpelstiltksin at The MAC will run from November 26th – January 3rd. Tickets cost £10 per child, £12 per adult with flexible family tickets available (10 per cent discount on four tickets or more).

Actress Doireann McKenna who plays Emily.

Actress Doireann McKenna who plays Emily.

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