Changing Rooms

Research by IKEA has found that UK homeowners are increasingly becoming more enthusiastic about interior design and men in their thirties are now the most passionate about making their home look beautiful.

The study, commissioned to celebrate IKEA’s 30th anniversary in the UK, found that homeowners in the UK spend 126 hours a year searching online for home-decor inspiration or items to buy, with men browsing for 150 hours.

On average, we post 103 images of our homes on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest each year, with men in their thirties posting the most images on their social channels, sharing up to 138 pictures a year.

According to the study, the average homeowner or renter spent £886 last year redecorating their home, with those in their thirties typically splashing out £1,364 on home-decor. In fact, research found that on average homeowners refreshed their home in some way at least four times a year with thirty-somethings typically redecorating or redesigning their properties eight times a year.

Nearly a quarter of those in their thirties (22 percent) admit they are keen to impress visitors and 11 percent confess to being driven by the desire to make their home look better than their friends. Despite having left home, the opinion of Mum and Dad is what counts the most – with 20% wanting to impress their mother more than anyone else and 12% their father.

Priorities in the home have also changed over time, 28 percent admit how stylish their home looks is more important than how warm it is, how fast the WIFI is or how close it is to amenities like local shops.

The research has shown over the last decades, the UK has developed its own unique personal style and IKEA has been at the forefront of this interiors revolution.

IKEA is celebrating how life at home has changed over the last three decades by celebrating those products that have shaped the way we live our lives today, and have stood the test of time, transcending the decades.

Laurent Tiersen, Marketing Manager IKEA UK & Ireland said, “Life at home has changed dramatically in the UK over the last 30 years and IKEA has been at the heart of it. It’s been fascinating to see how people have developed a real passion for interiors and home-décor. It’s great to see IKEA as a facilitator of this movement and we believe it’s a result of the accessibility of our products.”

IKEA Belfast will celebrate 30 years of IKEA in the UK from 28 October to 04 November in store throughout the week.

IKEA Belfast store manager, Christie Gregg said: “We are ready to have the ultimate house party in store where shoppers can travel through four decades of furnishings and life at home via virtual reality, as well as looking to what life at home could be like in the next 30 years.

“We also have quizzes, prizes and information on hand about the 30 most famous products from the last 30 years, with banners telling the story of IKEA in the UK, from 1987 to 2017.”

To join the celebrations online, visit, and to find out more about the activities at IKEA Belfast, visit